3 Sustainability Ideas Already Implemented in Sweden

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Sweden is the pioneer when it comes to ways to prevent climate change, as well on how to maintain our environment clean and comfortable, as well to other solutions to start cleaning our planet and maintain green zones and the fauna alive and well.

While a lot of countries have tried to start campaigns and movements to participate and maintain a culture of people that care for the flora and fauna, they have not quite meet the results that countries such as Sweden have reached with their motives, such as a constant recycling process and ways to keep their beaches and public spaces clean.

But is time to evaluate the way Sweden works with their sustainability and how to copy these ideas and start doing it in our country. For that, we are going to take a closer look at these ideas.

Växjö and fossil-fuel

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One of the objectives that were planned to this city of Sweden about 20 years ago was to be the first city to be free of fossil-fuel and most green and ecologic of the world, and they establish their goal to be completed by the year 2030.

With now only years ahead of 2030 we can take a look and see the analysis and progress of this city and how it has changed through the years, and the results are astonishing, not only is the greenest city in Sweden but the greenest in the entire world.

Just by using alternative and green options of fuel such as biogas and renewable, they have managed to stop the use of fossil-fuel almost completely, making it a big step from the other cities of the world.

Energy Efficient ideas

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While one of the most dangerous and contaminant products of our times is fossil-fuel, is one of the most reliable options to obtain energy, but Sweden has chosen to stay green and use solar panels in the majority of their buildings, with this they can obtain energy and improve their infrastructure, not to mention that they obtain a clean way to collect power and services.

Urban Farming

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A common practice in Sweden that it needs to spread around the world is urban farming. It consists of sharing a piece of land with your other residents in your backyard with the finality of cultivating and maintaining a green and rich garden.

With plantations where you can obtain fruits and vegetables, as well an organic toxic-free food that can be used with your family and friends.

Sweden is not the greenest country of the world by accident. It takes a true leadership and the compromise of all their citizens to maintain a country clean and efficient. That’s why Sweden stands as an example for the entire world about how to keep our country productive and green at the same time.

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