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With Sweden being the biggest and largest country of Northern Europe and having a population of approximately 10 million citizens, is well known that is one of the biggest countries in Europe and one of the most fundamental if you are planning to explore Europe.

But Sweden is an active country that keeps developing and exploring new horizons in fields such as medicine, infrastructure and keeping great vegetation and farming around their soil. Since Sweden is one of the best places to live thanks to the performance of the law, a great education and a great quality of life.

For that, we know that is important to report everything that is happening and going on inside this country and reach the marvelous discoveries, as well the status of their citizens and the events that are currently being folded in this country.

For that, we have been explaining why Sweden is one of the best countries of Europe and a great nation to live, that’s why we keep writing and letting know our readers of what is going on in this land. But since Sweden is by far too big for us to handle, we always keep ourselves open for any help and contribution from a reader or any interested volunteer.

If so happens that you are interested in writing for Bimbo Boy, first you should know that there are requirements that you should meet in order to start working with us, by keeping a simple status you should know a lot of Sweden and have a trustful source of information that can be reliable, since here we only write about the true.

As well, you should be passionate about writing and keep a great structure at the moment of writing an Article for us, if you meet these qualifications, you are more than invited to form part of Bimbo Boy and write with us, but keep in mind that we will be testing your abilities during the first month of work.

If you prefer you can send us a sample of your writing skills and we could have a look and tell you what we think, if we like what we see it can be even posted here in Bimbo boy, with your permission, of course, if you are interested in being a writer please contact us.