3 Swedish Rock Bands You Should Know

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Rock keeps going strong, and while we all know the England and American rock. Swedish rock, on the other hand, is almost unknown for the world, so if you want to be a real rocker and learn about the best bands of the world, you should definitely check out Swedish rock.

So let’s take a ride and see the best Swedish artists’ rock bands that you should know.


A simple yet classic rock band with touches of the old generation is what can be say about Mustasch, While they embrace the past rock bands and use them as an influence to establish their own unique sound, they have been successful in this practice just by looking at their discography and with songs such as “Lawbreaker” that can describe the group for itself.


If you love the classic riff from bands such as Metallica or Megadeth and you want more, Bullet is definitely a band for you. With a great combination of the actual rock and their own style, they have improved in Swedish rock as no other band has, for that you can see their work in songs such as “Fuel the Fire”

Honeymoon Disease

A completely different sound as we have heard before in Rock. Honeymoon Disease stands as a unique and solid band that offers danceable and great rhythm songs full of energy and happiness, you can check out their single “Fly bird, Fly high” and catch their positive vibe.

While nowadays the music industry is focused more on genres such as pop or hip-hop, is worth noticing that Rock is having a comeback in these past years, and while others argue that music industry is made a mess right now, here in the blog, we can all agree that there is a great artist in the spotlight delivering great music to all his fans.

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