3 Swedish Artists Trending in 2018

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With this year almost ending we can be secured to say that it has been a great year for music in general. Most of all for Sweden since a lot of Swedish artists gain a lot of relevance this year making their way into mainstream music and having great popularity around the world.

For that, being trendy in the year 2018 isn’t an easy task, and only the most talented and best artist around can be considered to be the best of the category and finally reach the top of the multiple music charts and competitions.

For that, we are going to take a look to three artists that were trending in this year and they might be even trendier in the years to come. This is only possible thanks to our fabulous team of writers.

Sarah Klang

Sarah Klang is a girl that has made a name in the music industry by making beautiful songs that are filled with emotion and sadness, so much sadness that she proclaims herself as the “Saddest girl on Sweden”.

While Sarah has been on the radar these past years when she released her single “Sleep” back in the year 2016, she has continued her status as a great musician and with a great career ahead.

Albin Lee Meldau

Albin is packed with a great voice and beautiful guitar melodies. Being a singer-songwriter he has dedicated his focus in music to reach a more danceable tone, this can be appreciated with his single “Lou Lou” striking hard in Spotify with more than 23 million listens.

Be the Bear

Be the bear is a Swedish independent artist that has caused a great impression around the globe. Starting making music back in the year 2011, she has grown and finesse her sounds to make the best music available and representing the culture of Swedish independent artist.

Is no doubt that Sweden has a great number of rising artists that will keep us alert with their amazing music and talents, and with these artists already making a great sensation around the world it might be time for Sweden to shine musically. Trust us in this matter.

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