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Swedish Massage: What to Expect

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Have you ever done something for yourself? You owe it to yourself to book a Swedish massage at our spa if you feel stressed or tired. Unlike the Asian style, Swedish massage relies on energy flowing through “meridians.” Instead, it’s based on Western concepts of anatomy and physiology.
Continue reading to find out what you can expect from a Swedish massage. For any questions before your appointment, please feel free to contact our Henderson Castle body massage spa.

Sharing medical history

Our massage therapist will ask about your medical history to ensure your safety. We may use oil or lotion during massages. This is why it’s important to let our therapist know if you have allergies. Before scheduling an appointment, we recommend discussing the pros and cons with your doctor. If you have severe osteoporosis, your doctor might advise against massage. We are always concerned about your safety. That is why we ask you questions about your medical history and any concerns you might have before your appointment.

Know your comfort level

We will ask you to wear whatever is most comfortable for your massage. Some people are happy to be completely naked underneath the sheet. Others may prefer to wear their swimsuits or keep their underwear on. You can keep your clothes on if you prefer, but you will still be able to benefit from body massaging. Our massage spa wants our guests to feel relaxed and comfortable.

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Speak up

People prefer different pressures to release knots in their backs and feel more relaxed. A Swedish massage is an easy form that is perfect for those starting in spas. The massage therapist will mix rolling, vibration, percussive, and tapping movements during the appointment.

If you feel discomfort or pain during your massage, please let us know so we can reduce the pressure. Some massages, such as deep tissue, may make you feel sore the next day. However, you shouldn’t feel any pain during your appointment. Massages and other spa treatments should be relaxing and not painful.

Feel Better

Swedish massage has many health benefits. It’s more than relaxing and feeling good. It’s about your health. We offer an upgrade to deep tissue massage for sore or damaged muscles. Depending on your chosen service, your appointment may last 60 to 90 minutes.

Swedish massage has many benefits:

Less stress
Relaxed muscles
Increased circulation
Pain relief
Scar tissue can be disintegrated

Just how challenging is it to become fluent in Swedish? Could I Teach Myself?

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Swedish is a North Germanic language that has around 10 million speakers.
Although the Swedish language is closely related to its neighboring languages, Danish, Norwegian and German, it shares some similarities with Germanic languages like Dutch, German, and English.

However, does this make it easier for English speakers to learn Swedish?


Like any language, learning Swedish fluency takes patience and time. Although the pronunciation is not easy, grammar and vocabulary are relatively simple. Swedish is one of the simple languages to learn for English speakers. It’s something you can learn over time.

This is a simplified answer. It is essential to consider many factors, including the learner’s education and linguistic background, learning style, and the amount of work put in to learn Swedish. We must also consider the Swedish language and its comparison to other languages.

When it comes to learning Swedish, your background is essential.

It doesn’t matter who you are or your background if you want to learn Swedish.

You already have an advantage if you speak English. Swedish may seem strange and challenging to a Swede if you talk in Korean, Arabic, or another exotic language.

Fortunately, this article is in English.

Is English your only language, or do you have some experience learning other languages? When learning Swedish, the more languages you know (or have tried to learn), the easier it will be for you.

Why? Learning a foreign language requires open-mindedness to see the world from a new perspective. It will be easier to learn a foreign language if you have already experienced other communication methods.

Your educational background is also essential when learning Swedish.

While I don’t think you need a master’s in linguistics, it is a good idea. You will benefit from someone who only knows a little about academics if you are used to taking notes and learning.

How you approach learning Swedish can make or break your language learning progress.

What can you do to learn Swedish?

Do you plan to sign up for a class, enroll in a course, use Duolingo to buy a book, listen to audio lessons, or purchase a book?

There are many ways to learn Swedish. There are many ways to learn Swedish. Many people swear by one method or another. In reality, it all depends on your learning style and preferences.

However, if your method of learning Swedish is slow or inefficient, you will have difficulty becoming fluent.

Many language courses focus on the wrong aspects of languages and could be faster-paced.

There are also many programs, courses, and apps that could be better.

These offers are always successful in asking for a lot of money.

It is the best way to learn languages to plan out a self-examine routine that is both varied and focuses on what works. It’s easier to learn vocabulary and grammar in context than memorizing them. Online courses Glossika and LingQ both emphasize this.

Learning Swedish the right way will be easier than taking ineffective language classes.

What about the Swedish Language? Is it difficult (or easy)?

Some aspects of the Swedish language are simple, and others can be challenging.

Swedish is a simple language compared to many other languages around the world. The grammar is simple, the vocabulary is similar to English, and the pronunciation is almost effortless.

One thing that could be a problem is the fact that nouns in Swedish have gender. To correctly decline a noun, you must know its gender.

There are many irregular verbs in it (like English), so you will need to know a lot about verb conjugations. The rules don’t apply.

Also, Swedish is known for combining words into complex words, much like German. “Realisationsvinstbeskattning” means “capital gains taxation.”

These things can seem complicated at first, but they are okay once you start to make some progress.

As you move, you will learn the gender of each noun. Even though there are many irregular verbs, they don’t have many forms or conjugation, so they’re easy to remember. Compound words are individual words with no spaces between them.

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Is Swedish Difficult To Learn According To Linguists?

We’ve discussed your background, learning style, and the Swedish language. What do experts have to say?

The Foreign Service Institute (FSI), an American government institution, teaches foreign languages to diplomats and envoys who travel to foreign countries.

They have a lot of experience teaching a wide range of languages.

The FSI approach to teaching is to offer intensive courses in a classroom setting and aim for fluency. The numbers they cite may differ from your methods and goals for learning Swedish.

Instead of taking a course, I recommend you learn Swedish independently. It would help if you aimed to attain a higher intermediate or lower level of Swedish than the FSI’s “High Professional Working Proficiency.” This will help you get there quicker and allow you to learn and improve your Swedish language skills while learning it.

The FSI numbers are still interesting and can be compared to other languages. You might also find the time required to achieve fluency a helpful indicator of how much you will need.

The first group is for languages close to English that are considered easy. Here you will find Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Dutch, French, Spanish, French, Spanish, and other languages. These languages require approximately 5-600 hours of classroom time to master, according to the FSI.

The second category is for more complex or exotic languages, like Swahili and Indonesian. These languages take approximately 900 hours to learn.

The third group is where we see complex languages such as Hindi, Thai, and Thai. These require approximately 1100 hours of classroom time.

Finally, we have group four, which includes the complicated languages of Arabic, Korean and Japanese, which can take up to 2200 hours each!

Let’s go back to Swedish. 5-600 hours…

Swedish may be among the easiest languages, possibly alongside Dutch. Let’s say that 500 hours of intensive classroom time could get you to an advanced level in Swedish. If you were to learn by yourself, that’s about 1 hour per day.

If you wanted to target a lower level than professional fluency, if you were to aim lower than professional fluency, then you could learn Swedish within a year!

Let’s remember: Is it hard to learn Swedish?

It is easy to learn Swedish, but I do not think so. It is easy to understand by yourself in less than a year. However, I haven’t covered everything you need to know to reach your goal.

It takes patience, perseverance, motivation, and willpower. Swedish can be difficult to learn if you lack these qualities.

You will only be able to learn Swedish if you have the willpower and perseverance to keep it up for at least one year.

This is the most challenging thing about learning Swedish.

Famous Swedish Actress with Three Oscars

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byron Artists

Ingrid Bergman was 3 times Oscar winner.
She was the first recipient of the Tony Award for best actor. It received 7 nominations for the Awards and 3 Oscars.

He performed in five languages: English, Swedish, German, and English. He was a film, theatre, and television actor.

Academy Awards (Oscars Awards)

1944 – Best Actress in Gaslight
1956 – Best Actress – Anastasia
1974 – Best Supporting Actress – Murder on The Orient Express

Ingrid Bergman Introduction

Born 29 August 1915
Stockholm, Sweden
Death – 29 August 1982
London, England
Occupation – Actress
Notable work – Casablanca. Gaslight. Notorious. Anastasia. Murder on the Orient Express. Autumn Sonata.

After a long battle with cancer, Ingrid Bergman, the Swedish girl unaffected by her film roles, died Sunday at her London home.

The actress was captivated by her ethereal looks and had to undergo a mastectomy in 1974, then again in 1978.

Lars Schmidt, her third husband, and divorcee, were with her when she died at her Chelsea apartment.

She never wavered in her dedication to her craft, from her first role as an extra in a Swedish film in 1933, where she made $1, to her last performance as Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir in “A Woman Called Golda” in 1981.

Ingrid Bergman Unknown facts

Ingrid Bergman brought her charms to Sweden, Germany, the United States of America, Canada, and England.

Ingrid Bergman has starred in countless films, starting at 16 in Sweden and ending at 67 in 1982.

They gave almost 50 years of outstanding performances admired by all who saw their beauty and talent.

He was undoubtedly one of the most charming, sweetest, and most beautiful faces that golden Hollywood had the privilege to share with the world in the forties.

Mairis Briedis named Latvian ‘Athlete of the Year’ for the first time

2019 06 16 f64 briedis zale 20190616 011 - Mairis Briedis named Latvian 'Athlete of the Year' for the first time

byron Sports

The leading Latvian boxer Mairis Briedis led by her coach Dmitry Shiholay, is preparing for the WBSS final on September 26, she defeated Juniel Dorticus. The sporting event took place in a television studio in Munich, although it was originally scheduled for March 21 in Riga. The deer won the trophy named after Muhammad Ali, as well as the International Boxing Federation (IBF) belt and the “The Ring” magazine title.

For Mairis Briedis, this was the first success at the Latvian sports awards ceremony. The boxer had been one of the nominees for the “Athlete of the Year” award at the “Latvia Annual Awards in sport” event before, but the award was never won.

In the competition of several strong athletes, the cross-country skier was recognized as “Athlete of the Year” Patricia Eiduka, which was also the first achievement at the national level.

Athletes from Vecbebri in the introduction of the prestigious “Ski Tour” January 2021 At the last stage of the season, the ten-kilometer freestyle with the same start won a high tenth place, but won seventh place at the U-23 World Championships in the same discipline. Success in 2020 has allowed the 21-year-old athlete to establish herself in the International Ski Association (FIS) top 100 rankings in both distance and sprint disciplines.

Athlete of the Year Award

Handball player applying for “Athlete of the Year” award Dainis Krištopāns, hockey player Elvis Merzlikins, basketball player Kristaps Porziņģis and cyclist Toms Skujins. In turn, “Athlete of the Year” could also be tennis players Anastasia Sevastova and Elena Ostapenko, biathlete Baiba Bendikaas and javelin thrower Līna Mze.

The “Sports Team of the Year” award was won by the Latvian men’s volleyball team, which in the qualifying tournament held in 2020 after a 26-year break won a place in the final of the European Championship. The crew of the Latvian bobsleigh twins Oskars ibermanis / Matīss Miknis, who became European champions and won bronze at the World Championships in Altenberg, were recognized as the “Sports Team of the Year in Individual Sports”.

Polina Rožkova, captain of the Latvian wheelchair team, won the “Paralympic Athlete” nomination, which helped fake the tickets earned to the 2022 Paralympics.

A hockey player has earned the honor of “Breakthrough of the Year” Elvis Merzļikins, founded in the National Hockey League (NHL), named “Sports Federation of the Year” Latvian Volleyball Federation (LVF), Madona district received recognition as “Sports City of the Year ”, Grundzāle Primary School sports teacher Māris Stabiņš was named “Sports Teacher of the Year”, but Valentina Eiduka was recognized in the “Lifetime investment in sport” category.


Voting for the “Three Star Award 2020” took place in two rounds. The first round takes place October 5-23, when ten nominees are nominated, while the second round takes place November 5-29. The second round is 50% of the vote, but the remaining half is decided by journalists and accredited sports athletes.

The “Three Star Award 2020” was originally scheduled for December 29, 2020, but was postponed to April 9 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Starting in 2020, the long-term “Latvian Awards for Sport of the Year” will be replaced by the “Three Star Awards”, organized by the Latvian Olympic Committee (LOK), the Latvian Paralympic Committee and the Latvian Federation of Sports Council With the Ministry of Education and Science supporting.

In 2019, the tennis player was recognized as the best athlete in the last “Sports Award of the Year” Anastasia Sevastova and skeletonist Martins Dukurs.

Skitsnack – 4 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Visiting Sweden

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byron Facts, Sweden

If you are planning to tour the beautiful lands of Europe and explore the marvelous country that is Sweden. You should know that there’s a lot of preparation you need to do before stepping inside this incredible country.

When I say preparations I don’t mean any useful tourist tool or something of the sort, I mostly refer to the mindset and things you should be aware of, in this case, there’s a lot of things you shouldn’t do in Sweden, since it can be seen as an insult or you could even do something illegal and you could be completely clueless about it.

For that, let’s take a time to visit the things you shouldn’t do when you visit Sweden.

Protect the Environment

environment.post1 bimboboy 1024x643 - Skitsnack - 4 Things You Shouldn't Do When Visiting Sweden

While this is a piece of advice that it can be applied in any country of the world, you should take extra attention of avoiding making a mess or throw your garbage in the public spaces and streets of Sweden.

This is mostly because Sweden is considered as a green country that fights a lot to eliminate the waste and contamination of his country, and that’s one of the reasons is considered a beautiful and natural country surrounded by vegetation. For that instance, you should take the task of preserving the environment very seriously while you explore the streets of Sweden.

Take Consideration about the Tap Water

tap.water .post1 bimboboy 1024x683 - Skitsnack - 4 Things You Shouldn't Do When Visiting Sweden

If you travel a lot you should be aware of the consequences that could be to drink tap water, since a lot of countries possesses dirty tap water that can give you countless diseases and damaging your health.

But the good news is that With Sweden the Tap water is not only safe to drink, but is as well delicious and clean, so take note of that and avoid at any kind to buy and use unfriendly water bottles, since it can be seen as a bad gesture.

Town Names and the Pronunciation

language.post1 bimboboy 1024x768 - Skitsnack - 4 Things You Shouldn't Do When Visiting Sweden

While you might know that Sweden’s language can be hard for a foreigner to pronounce, is important to remember as well that the town names can be even more difficult to pronounce thanks to the countless numbers of accents and punctuations that they have.

But worry not, because Sweden is known for having friendly citizens that can understand the struggle of a foreigner trying to pronounce their language, if you are polite and ask carefully they’ll assist you as good as they can.

An Important Coffee Advice

coffee.post1 bimboboy 1024x781 - Skitsnack - 4 Things You Shouldn't Do When Visiting Sweden

Swedish people are known for being in love with caffeine, and they enjoy coffee in all their presentations and combinations, but there’s one thing that they don’t like and that’s decaf coffee.

So if you are traveling downtown and ask yourself for a decaf cup of coffee, you might know that they don’t have it, or worse, they have it but it tastes awful ¿my advice? Stay out of decaf and stick with the traditional beverage and hot drinks that this incredible country has to offer you, and enjoy your stay of course.

Sweden is an overall amazing country with beautiful landscape, a chilly and cozy climate and the sweetest and friendly people you might find, for that the most important advice I could give you is to enjoy your traveling and explore the most you can,  but as well take an important look to these pieces of advice.

3 Sustainability Ideas Already Implemented in Sweden

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Sweden is the pioneer when it comes to ways to prevent climate change, as well on how to maintain our environment clean and comfortable, as well to other solutions to start cleaning our planet and maintain green zones and the fauna alive and well.

While a lot of countries have tried to start campaigns and movements to participate and maintain a culture of people that care for the flora and fauna, they have not quite meet the results that countries such as Sweden have reached with their motives, such as a constant recycling process and ways to keep their beaches and public spaces clean.

But is time to evaluate the way Sweden works with their sustainability and how to copy these ideas and start doing it in our country. For that, we are going to take a closer look at these ideas.

Växjö and fossil-fuel

fossil.fuel .post2 bimboboy 683x1024 - 3 Sustainability Ideas Already Implemented in Sweden

One of the objectives that were planned to this city of Sweden about 20 years ago was to be the first city to be free of fossil-fuel and most green and ecologic of the world, and they establish their goal to be completed by the year 2030.

With now only years ahead of 2030 we can take a look and see the analysis and progress of this city and how it has changed through the years, and the results are astonishing, not only is the greenest city in Sweden but the greenest in the entire world.

Just by using alternative and green options of fuel such as biogas and renewable, they have managed to stop the use of fossil-fuel almost completely, making it a big step from the other cities of the world.

Energy Efficient ideas

solar.panel .post2 bimboboy 1024x678 - 3 Sustainability Ideas Already Implemented in Sweden

While one of the most dangerous and contaminant products of our times is fossil-fuel, is one of the most reliable options to obtain energy, but Sweden has chosen to stay green and use solar panels in the majority of their buildings, with this they can obtain energy and improve their infrastructure, not to mention that they obtain a clean way to collect power and services.

Urban Farming

urban.farming.post2 bimboboy 1024x683 - 3 Sustainability Ideas Already Implemented in Sweden

A common practice in Sweden that it needs to spread around the world is urban farming. It consists of sharing a piece of land with your other residents in your backyard with the finality of cultivating and maintaining a green and rich garden.

With plantations where you can obtain fruits and vegetables, as well an organic toxic-free food that can be used with your family and friends.

Sweden is not the greenest country of the world by accident. It takes a true leadership and the compromise of all their citizens to maintain a country clean and efficient. That’s why Sweden stands as an example for the entire world about how to keep our country productive and green at the same time.

3 Swedish Rock Bands You Should Know

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Rock keeps going strong, and while we all know the England and American rock. Swedish rock, on the other hand, is almost unknown for the world, so if you want to be a real rocker and learn about the best bands of the world, you should definitely check out Swedish rock.

So let’s take a ride and see the best Swedish artists’ rock bands that you should know.


A simple yet classic rock band with touches of the old generation is what can be say about Mustasch, While they embrace the past rock bands and use them as an influence to establish their own unique sound, they have been successful in this practice just by looking at their discography and with songs such as “Lawbreaker” that can describe the group for itself.


If you love the classic riff from bands such as Metallica or Megadeth and you want more, Bullet is definitely a band for you. With a great combination of the actual rock and their own style, they have improved in Swedish rock as no other band has, for that you can see their work in songs such as “Fuel the Fire”

Honeymoon Disease

A completely different sound as we have heard before in Rock. Honeymoon Disease stands as a unique and solid band that offers danceable and great rhythm songs full of energy and happiness, you can check out their single “Fly bird, Fly high” and catch their positive vibe.

While nowadays the music industry is focused more on genres such as pop or hip-hop, is worth noticing that Rock is having a comeback in these past years, and while others argue that music industry is made a mess right now, here in the blog, we can all agree that there is a great artist in the spotlight delivering great music to all his fans.

New Regulations Could Change Swedish Gambling Culture

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byron Facts, Sweden

Gambling in Sweden has their past with the law and a rough present by having a lot of troubles and a high number of citizens that are addicted to spending their time in the casino or betting to their favorite team. This has been a remarkable problem for the Sweden government since they have years trying to stop the gambling thread.

Sweden’s Most Beloved Hobby

hobby.post4 bimboboy 1024x587 - New Regulations Could Change Swedish Gambling Culture

By being a legal activity, gambling and betting is a well-known hobby in Sweden, but to stop any risk of receiving an addiction from these activities, the government has started to take actions and regulate the world of gambling as we know, and it has been proved to be successful.

But with the arrival of new ways to gamble and different options that are outside the control of the government, such as online gambling, online poker and mobile applications that serve as a way to gamble. It has been established that there’s a new regulation that is striking directly to gambling.

The Overly-Changing Gambling Culture

gambling.post4 bimboboy 1024x683 - New Regulations Could Change Swedish Gambling Culture

Not only gambling as we know, but the gambling culture that has years developing in Sweden, thanks to the advantages of technology and the different platforms where we can now start gambling and betting, this can be considered quite illegal since it doesn’t follow the regulations and rules that the Swedish government dictates to these practices.

Is Gambling A Threat?

threat.post4 bimboboy - New Regulations Could Change Swedish Gambling Culture

But not only this is considered a threat to the gambling culture, but these regulations can affect the gaming world as well, that’s right if you are a gamer that spent your time playing on your phone or on your PC online games. The following regulation can affect you as well.

What this new regulation comes to offer is to form a new gambling act and as well as licensing gaming companies. And it’s worth mentioning that this campaign and regulation is coming alive the first day of the year 2019.

Technology Makes Gambling Easier

technology.post4 bimboboy 1024x683 - New Regulations Could Change Swedish Gambling Culture

Now let’s take aside and see for ourselves the threat that this regulation has to do with gambling culture. First, let’s remember that most Swedish prefer to bet and gamble through their Smartphone or PC rather than going outside since this is the most comfortable way to place a bet or just to enjoy an online casino in the comfort of your house.

Gamblers Are Affected

affected.post4 bimboboy 1024x683 - New Regulations Could Change Swedish Gambling Culture

And since these regulations are behind these applications and game that are dedicated most to gambling. They directly affect most of the gamblers, and while it has a major point in what the legality of these apps are, is important to remember that is one of the primary ways to gamble nowadays.

Not to mention that these regulations can also affect games as well since licensing gaming companies can result in controversy and a backlash to this regulation.

Is important to understand the point of view of the government and what they are trying to achieve with these regulations to gambling apps and online betting, but this affects directly to the thousands of citizens that are using these apps for their own benefit and entertainment, but only the next year will tell us if this regulation had a good result.

3 Swedish Artists Trending in 2018

featured.post6 bimboboy - 3 Swedish Artists Trending in 2018

byron Artists

With this year almost ending we can be secured to say that it has been a great year for music in general. Most of all for Sweden since a lot of Swedish artists gain a lot of relevance this year making their way into mainstream music and having great popularity around the world.

For that, being trendy in the year 2018 isn’t an easy task, and only the most talented and best artist around can be considered to be the best of the category and finally reach the top of the multiple music charts and competitions.

For that, we are going to take a look to three artists that were trending in this year and they might be even trendier in the years to come. This is only possible thanks to our fabulous team of writers.

Sarah Klang

Sarah Klang is a girl that has made a name in the music industry by making beautiful songs that are filled with emotion and sadness, so much sadness that she proclaims herself as the “Saddest girl on Sweden”.

While Sarah has been on the radar these past years when she released her single “Sleep” back in the year 2016, she has continued her status as a great musician and with a great career ahead.

Albin Lee Meldau

Albin is packed with a great voice and beautiful guitar melodies. Being a singer-songwriter he has dedicated his focus in music to reach a more danceable tone, this can be appreciated with his single “Lou Lou” striking hard in Spotify with more than 23 million listens.

Be the Bear

Be the bear is a Swedish independent artist that has caused a great impression around the globe. Starting making music back in the year 2011, she has grown and finesse her sounds to make the best music available and representing the culture of Swedish independent artist.

Is no doubt that Sweden has a great number of rising artists that will keep us alert with their amazing music and talents, and with these artists already making a great sensation around the world it might be time for Sweden to shine musically. Trust us in this matter.

Right from the Start – Online Gambling in Sweden

featured.post5 bimboboy - Right from the Start - Online Gambling in Sweden

byron Facts

Gambling and Sweden has a long history of being together. Is well known in the Sweden culture that a long time ago, in the year 1020, the king Olaf of Sweden arrange a meeting with his Norwegian counterpart to settle a territorial dispute by playing a match of dice.

Gambling Was Considered a Plague

While this is an odd story that can’t be referenced in current Sweden, is also known that the government has spent years controlling the plague that can become gambling in the country, and by taking methods of precaution and a restriction of age in multiple casinos and gambling houses it is known that there are other methods nowadays to gamble.

These methods include the popular online gambling that has gained more attention each year it goes by since a lot of young teenagers are drawn to bet for their favorite soccer team or gamble and try to earn some easy money.

Gambling Doesn’t Require a License

But let alone that Sweden is open about gambling since it doesn’t require a license or a special permit to enter a casino and these operations are completely legal in this nation, making it rather easy for someone to become addict to gambling and betting. And while there have been a lot of propositions to establish a license, there is a lot of criticism behind this idea.

Technology Is Taking Over

And while it has been proven that Swedish has a soft spot for technology, mobile poker games and online casinos have been around the corner for every Swedish, especially mobile poker that has an increasing number of Swedish playing every day and while there’s no major poker tournament in Sweden, this is looking like a matter of time.

Gambling in Sweden is still on the edge, and by having online options to gamble and betting. It looks like Sweden is keeping his history of being a gambling country. Out of all opportunities and gambling in Sweden we can recommend to try out

Gambling and Sweden has a long history of being together, when, in the year 1020, the king Olaf of Sweden arrange a meeting with his Norwegian counterpart to settle a territorial dispute by playing a match of dice. It is known that the government has spent years controlling the plague that can become gambling in the country, but let alone that Sweden is open about gambling since it doesn’t require a license or a special permit to enter a casino. It looks like Sweden is keeping his history of being a gambling country.

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